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Aurora Mesh Head @The Book of Daniel

Dear friend we Released a new Head for “The Book of Daniel” Fundraising Event, Aurora Head!
Daniel Estro, 29 years old, (co-owner of Zerkalo, Shiny Shabby and The Crossroads) has cancer and desperately needs our help.
So To help, Akeruka Joined A New head as Donation!

The Book of Daniel

Let´s help Daniel, go to get you a New Head.

Aurora Mesh Head comes with 2 HUDs: Our hud is featured by slackgirl makeups!

TEXTURING HUD with 10 tones, makeups, lipsticks, lashes and face tattoo like Freckles and Beauty Mark.

EXPRESSION HUD for Blinking Eyes, & 3 Lips Expressions.


If you are an Established Creator in Second Life and you would like to create skins and appliers for [AK] Mesh Heads, please fill out the Online Application Form.

All our Mesh Head are compatible with Omega Appliers System available here:
[AK] Omega Applier

Join the inworld group: [AK] Heads News & Support, click here to copy and paste the group key inworld and join to be updated about promo and new releases.


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