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Mesh Head

Akeruka Beta Bom head 2

Big surprise, we decided to do for Christmas a new release of new version of AK brand heads, right now this one is also on Beta mode so it will cost 1k until the final release of it, all updates on head are free like always tru Redelivery Terminal.
It have SAME features of Beta head 1, but with a different look so you can change look and keep all new features.
Check it out on Akeruka Main Store

[AK] Team

Mesh Head

New Feature on Beta Bom head Neck Fix

Hi ladies here is a new and VERY important Feature added on New Beta Head pack, NeckFIX!
You will find now on your Beta Bom pack 3 size of NeckFix and a Texture HUD , they fit the 8 Tone of Akeruka Heads but is possible also to tint them, Asap i will do a Video showing how to tint 🙂
I can tell sinze I use Maitreya The best size fitting for Maitreya is the size 3.
Get your Redelivery on Akeruka Main Store ^^

Mesh Head, Updates

Update #8 and #9 on AK BETA head

Update 8 consist in Unrigged Eyes OMEGA and BOM, so you can use on your Beta head making them closer to the mesh also and you can use in Any other head your Mesh unrigged from Beta head and it will be bom and omega 🙂

Update 9 consist on Rotation of Ears, so you will have an easier fitting for hairstyles.

You can see those updates on Video !

Mesh Head

New akeruka head project

Akeruka Beta head is a temporary name for the new Head project of Akeruka Brand.

We have started with the base of Deluxe Bom but it getting version different since it already have also an improved SLUV map for the head and some other features.

Right now the new features of Beta head are:

  • BakesOnMesh Eyes
  • New teeth Texture
  • Longer teeth on long teeth option on HUD
  • Bigger Gap space on Gap version of HUD
  • New Vampire teeth Shape (also a bit longer)
  • Bigger gems and positioned a bit lower then before.
  • New Face UV Map more Similar to SLUV
  • Eyes are not mirrored

We are working on a lot of New Features to be added on those new heads.

Until we are on Beta mode the head will stay in an amazing price! You can get the Beta head now for just 1.000L with all free updates made with Redelivery terminal.

Once the head is complete we will change the name to the new Serie of Akeruka heads and the price will raise.

Keep in touch! 🙂

[AK] Team

Mesh Head, Updates

Mass Update of DELUXE Heads

We made a massive update on all Akeruka Deluxe heads.

Now the Deluxe head have 2 head inside of their pack, one is the Classic Deluxe and the other one is the Bom version of it.

This is because the on New Bom head the Face UV Map is different to match the system skins already sold on SL market and to fit better also all Omega skins.

So now you can use the Deluxe head Classic with your Deluxe appliers already purchased and the Bom head for the Omegas and System skins.