Mesh Head, Promo

Elen Mesh Head & New Mesh Heads Support Group

[AK] Elen Full Animated Mesh Head available at [AK] mainstore at promo price until August 26th, 2016.

Elen Mesh Head comes with 2 HUDs: Our hud is featured by slackgirl makeups!

TEXTURING HUD with 10 tones, makeups, lipsticks, lashes and face tattoo like Freckles and Beauty Mark.

EXPRESSION HUD for Blinking Eyes, Talking Animations and various animation expressions.

If you are a Creator in Second Life and you would like to create skins and appliers for [AK] Mesh Heads, please fill out the Online Application Form.

All our Mesh Head are compatible with Omega Appliers System available here:
[AK] Omega Applier

Heads Group

New Mesh Heads Support Group

We have created a new Inworld Group focused only on our Mesh heads, for feedback, new features, updates, support and Designers will send there notices about appliers there as well. The name of the inworld group is: [AK] Heads News & Support, click here to copy and paste the group key inworld and join.

If you are in the support group, you can currently get two mesh heads at a promotional price until August 26th. The group is free to join and once you are in, you can purchase both the Elen Mesh Head and the Mike Mesh Head for only L$899 each. After August 26th, they will go back to regular price.

New Mesh Heads Flickr Group

We have also created a new [AK] Mesh Heads Flickr Group where you can share all of your images wearing our mesh heads.

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