Mesh Head

W01 Advanced Head Upgrade

Hi ladies the W01 Advanced head was Upgraded so now it allow also to apply omega Appliers in 3 Layers!

(to Clean the layers omega you have the option on last tab of your Advanced Main Hud!)

If you bought the Advanced W01 Before just go on Akeruka Main store to get the FREE Redelivery of pack.

Mesh Head

W04 advanced head

New advanced head have all new amazing features of newest AKERUKA releases with a big difference this one was already upgraded, so now you can get the full featured head with Omega support so you can use also your omega appliers on it 😀

W04 head is on promo until Sunda 22 march (1pm of sunday the sale will be removed.)

Check it out on Akeruka Main store!

Mesh Head

Advanced heads upgrade

We made some important changes on Advanced heads, first of all you will get a new hud with a lot of new features like, Materials for all layers such as Face like Some amazing specular and Wet Effect.

Materials on HD Eyeshadow / HD Lipstick .

Added more options on Eyes tab as well!

And Now you have also an extra tab with Older Face option and the older face have the Wet effect as well.

You can watch all video tutorials

and here the direct link of each video .

1 : New Akeruka Advanced pack and how to wear the Bake on mesh Advanced head and some explain of difference between the Deluxe and Advanced one.

2 : Advanced Akeruka head Basic Tab, FX materials and Wet Effect!

3 : Akeruka Advanced Eyelashes how to play with them 😀

4 : Akeruka Advanced Lips and Shadows New Features and how to use them.

5 : Akeruka Advanced Eyes Tab how to use all features and how to switch between system texture and applier Texture.

6 : Akeruka Advanced FX Old tab effect how to use it.

7 : Akeruka Advanced heads, settings tab of HUD and useful fittings.


8 : Akeruka Advanced Heads, tutorial for Designers how to work in local texture and local mesh head worn.

9 : On this video you will see how to setup an applier hud for Akeruka Advanced heads.

Any doubt feel free to ask in our inworld group !

Thank you for your purchase
[AK] Team

Mesh Head

Akeruka ADVANCED head

Final version of Akeruka Advanced heads are finally out!
If you got any of Beta heads you can go now on Akeruka Main store and get your final pack on Redelivery Terminal.
(You will find the redelivery terminal on entrance of female store).
Thank you for trusting us!

[AK] Team

Mesh Head

AKERUKA Beta Bom head 3

Here we are with another Beta head, this is the BETA3 like you know for now we are still in Beta mode but we decided to give more choice of Mesh style and them 3 will keep being updated and all updates are free!
So this is our new release, same feature for all Beta heads, they are the newest project of AK Brand and the more complete heads.

You will get also 3 Shape on Pack ( Slim / Reg / Chubby)

Get it now until is 1k when project is out of Beta mode price will go to 5k!

[AK] Team

Mesh Head

Akeruka Beta Bom head 2

Big surprise, we decided to do for Christmas a new release of new version of AK brand heads, right now this one is also on Beta mode so it will cost 1k until the final release of it, all updates on head are free like always tru Redelivery Terminal.
It have SAME features of Beta head 1, but with a different look so you can change look and keep all new features.
Check it out on Akeruka Main Store

[AK] Team

Mesh Head

New Feature on Beta Bom head Neck Fix

Hi ladies here is a new and VERY important Feature added on New Beta Head pack, NeckFIX!
You will find now on your Beta Bom pack 3 size of NeckFix and a Texture HUD , they fit the 8 Tone of Akeruka Heads but is possible also to tint them, Asap i will do a Video showing how to tint 🙂
I can tell sinze I use Maitreya The best size fitting for Maitreya is the size 3.
Get your Redelivery on Akeruka Main Store ^^

Mesh Head, Updates

Update #8 and #9 on AK BETA head

Update 8 consist in Unrigged Eyes OMEGA and BOM, so you can use on your Beta head making them closer to the mesh also and you can use in Any other head your Mesh unrigged from Beta head and it will be bom and omega 🙂

Update 9 consist on Rotation of Ears, so you will have an easier fitting for hairstyles.

You can see those updates on Video !