Mesh Head FAQ

Delux Head Classic and BOM (FAQ)

What is a Mesh Head and what is the difference with Regular SL Shape?

A Mesh Head is modeled in a 3D program outside of the Second Life Viewer.
Modeling the head in a 3rd party program, makes it possible to reach a unique style, High Quality Design and High Quality Texturing.
While using the Head you may need to adjust your head size, eye sizing and eye depth.
Our Mesh Head are rigged and not fitted, that enables you to have a perfect fit with your neck.

How do I wear the head?

You need to use alpha layer included in the pack to hide the standard Second Life head and wear the mesh head as an attachment.

I purchased a Mesh Head and it doesn’t fit my avatar correctly.

You can find a fitting guide in the information notecard included in the package you purchased.

Do your Mesh Heads work with Second Life system eyes?

Yes! We have made all of our mesh heads compatible with system eyes.

Can I wear 3rd party Mesh eyes?

Yes! You can wear other mesh eyes you purchased, but you may need to adjust their position and size.

Works without Mesh Body?

Yes! All our mesh heads fit perfectly with standard Second Life body and shapes.

Works with all Mesh Bodies in the grid?

Yes and no! That depends if the mesh body is made following the Second Life standards.

Why my OMEGA skins do not look good on Deluxe Heads?

Because the classic deluxe head do not have a SLUV face map and Omega skins most of time are made following this map, so OMEGA skins will look better on your BOM version of head.


How do it turn my head a Bom head to use with System Skins?

You need to click on button BakesOnMesh, this button is on your Head Hud (Basic Tab)

Why my head is red when I click on BakesOnMesh Button?

Because to use the head as BakesOnMesh Head you need to take off the alpha layer.

Can I use appliers on BOM head?

Yes you can use it also like if was a normal head, just put back the alpha and use your head like if was a Deluxe Classic head by applying makeup appliers and skins applier on it.

I Have a lot of Deluxe appliers but they don´t fit the BOM head. What can i do with them?

Inside of Deluxe head pack you still have the older head the Deluxe Classic one so you can keep using this head with Deluxe appliers and you can use the Bom head for Omega and System skins. Is just one more option you have on pack.

Can i use Appliers with System Skins?

Yes, on Akeruka head we have HD layers and you can mix those with System skins, tattoo system makeup creating then amazing and more custom looks.

What about Lashes?

Eyelashes appliers from the classic Deluxe heads are the same used on BOM heads.

 If you have still any doubt aboout the head and you think is missing some question here, feel   free to let us know.
 You can have also support on out Inworld Group.
 Thank you
 [AK] Team